POSITION TITLE:          Shift Miller
REPORTS TO:                 Head Miller OR Manufacturing Manager
CLASSIFICATION:        Salaried, Non-Exempt/hourly
REVISED:                          April, 2015

The Shift Miller is responsible for reviewing the monitoring and inspection of the product, equipment and processing steps of raw ingredients through finished goods, including monitoring ingredients, formulations, and processing procedures, to ensure production to designed quality standards, using correct procedures as prescribed by company policy and federal standards.

Primary Duties:

  • Review and manage the flow sheet of each mill and know how to make adjustments to the mill to optimize yield and throughout maintain consistent quality.
  • Identify the different varieties of wheat and make all products to the customer’s specification during their shift.
  • Observe equipment operations to ensure smooth operations and any malfunctions can be detected and corrected.
  • Identify and assist with the resolution of problems in the mills as well as assist with maintenance on the milling equipment.
  • Examine products to verify conformance to quality standards.
  • Clean work areas and equipment, including the cleaning and lubricating of equipment.
  • Confirms product has correct mix and is weighted out to specific customer specifications.

Lab & Other Responsibilities

  • Conduct laboratory analysis accurately, precisely and punctually as described by approved methods, record results and verify accuracy.
  • Comply with prescribed test procedures and sample handling protocols
  • May be responsible for providing supervision to hourly mill personnel, providing work direction and counseling as needed.
  • Perform other duties as requested.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent experience
  • 1 year minimum experience as an assistant miller or equivalent related milling experience
  • Demonstrates effective Communication Skills – written and verbal
  • Thorough knowledge of all mill equipment and basic maintenance needs
  • Knowledge of different wheat varieties
  • Knowledge of grain science and analytical procedures
  • Strong mechanical aptitude and ability to troubleshoot production problems
  • Proficiency with Computers and in Microsoft Office
  • Willing and able to work with wheat products i.e. no wheat/gluten sensitivity

Candidates can apply online here.

Posted March 23, 2021

Location: Carlisle, Iowa
Career Area: Manufacturing
Req ID: 7768

Don’t miss out on one of the country’s best-kept secrets! Des Moines is rated #4 in the country as one of the Best Places to Live according to US News. Des Moines has something for everyone regardless of what you’re looking for! In the vibrant downtown/East Village area you will find great breweries and bars (including the original location of arcade bar Up Down), trendy shops, crazy-good dining (ever watch Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives?), loft and condo living, and an amazing farmer’s market on Saturdays. Get a full experience of the Heartland of America as you are within a 3- hour drive of Omaha, Kansas City and Minneapolis. Des Moines (Carlisle) is home to one of our high performing flour mills (AVON).

Do you like to be challenged? Are you interested in exposure to the end-to-end supply chain? Are your driven to be the best in class? This is a great opportunity to own multi-functional responsibilities, contribute to the senior leadership team strategies, and be a part of a wonderful work culture.

The plant is a key supplier for the Convenience and Food Service business with bakery flour produced from Avon’s two flour mills. The Avon plant is also the primary supplier of all retail Betty Crocker dry mix pouch products for the Baking Division including cookies, muffins, biscuits, pancakes, and brownies. The Avon plant, located just outside of Des Moines, employs approximately 98 people across the plant.

The Mill and Elevator Manager will provide manufacturing leadership and excellence to deliver a world-class milling operation that continuously pursues zero loss. This position will be responsible to lead, motivate, and develop employees to achieve outstanding manufacturing performance results, while leveraging Continuous Improvement (Lean/TPM) tools, improving individual skills, and enhancing teamwork. This position will serve as member of plant leadership team to establish plant strategies and achieve plant goals. This position will work in collaboration with Convenience and Food Service business leaders in support of broader business initiatives.


  • Identifies, addresses, and mitigates safety risks throughout the organization. Encourages a belief in zero in all employees by removing barriers and clearing obstacles to perform work safely
  • Leads daily and weekly direction setting processes to drive out top losses and set the plan for the day for the mills and elevator
  • Builds capability of the milling and elevator teams to understand equipment functionality, theory of operation, and component make-up
  • Coordinates partnership between maintenance and milling crews to prioritize preventive repair day work
  • Key contributor to the Convenience and Food Service master plan and leads the execution of the 90-day improvement plans to deliver glide path goals for both Mills
  • Ensure that production facilities and finished products meet the company and government standards for quality, sanitation, and safety
  • Educate, develop, and motivate a manufacturing work group to achieve required production results, improve individual technical skills and enable collaboration across boundaries
  • Establish and sustain sound relationships with all employees in order to foster an environment where innovative methods are used to involve others in creative solutions to issues
  • Provide business leadership which demonstrates commitment to department and plant objectives on a day-to-day basis


  • Bachelor’s degree in Milling Science
  • Previous Milling experience
  • Minimum 3 years related work experience in manufacturing
  • Ability to work with vendors, suppliers, and technical contacts to enhance performance of operational supplies or equipment reliability
  • Demonstrates ability to work with and influence diverse groups at various levels and across functions
  • Strong interpersonal skills, effective written and oral communications and strong listening skills
  • Continuous Improvement experience and familiarity with foundational systems
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • Ability to adjust to multiple demands, shifting work priorities, ambiguity, adversity and change
  • Mature approach to challenging situations and environments


We exist to make food the world loves. But we do more than that. Our company is a place that prioritizes being a force for good, a place to expand learning, explore new perspectives and reimagine new possibilities, every day. We look for people who want to bring their best — bold thinkers with big hearts who challenge one other and grow together. Because becoming the undisputed leader in food means surrounding ourselves with people who are hungry for what’s next.

Posted May 7, 2021

Opportunities in Latin America


Liven Agro S.A. es líder europeo en la producción de maíces para la industria agroalimentaria. Estamos especializados en todo tipo de maíces para las diferentes ramas de la alimentación humana. Procesamiento del grano en sus diferentes productos básicos, sémola de maíz, harinas. Seguimiento del cultivo en campo, recolección, almacenamiento, selección limpieza y envasado según las necesidades de los clientes. Desde Liven Agro S.A. apostamos por el talento que quiera asumir el desafío de ayudarnos a cumplir con proyectos estimulantes que requieren de investigación y desarrollo para la innovación agrícola.

Descripción de la oferta
Reportando a gerencia, la persona seleccionada deberá: Dirigir el sistema de producción de nuestro molino garantizando la satisfacción de la demanda de nuestros productos en un 100% en términos de volumen, calidad y oportunidad. Lo hará mediante los principios de ingeniería aplicados al diseño, optimización de procesos y resolución de problemas así como a la evaluación e implementación de nuevas tecnologías.

Funciones laborales esenciales:

  • Gestionar la calidad, formulación y seguimiento de presupuestos, políticas de seguridad e higiene industrial.
  • Comparar las tecnologías disponibles internas y externas e impulsar mejoras en relación a las existentes.
  • Proponer mejoras en el diseño de equipos y proveedores.
  • Estandarizar operaciones y metodologías.
  • Ayudar a resolver problemas técnicos aplicables en planta.
  • Establecer metas y liderar el cumplimiento del plan de producción en términos de productividad, calidad y costes.
  • Trabajar en colaboración con otros departamentos en la implementación de enfoques innovadores para la operación y el mantenimiento de la planta.
  • Asegurar el buen funcionamiento de las máquinas y/o equipos detectando y coordinando las necesidades de mantenimiento mediante la asistencia técnica, informe de fallos y la participación en el mantenimiento preventivo y correctivo.
  • Analizar periódicamente los diferentes procesos a fin de identificar fuentes de ahorro que rentabilicen la operación, controlando estándares de producción, mano de obra, consumo y calidad, de acuerdo a los parámetros establecidos, manteniendo así la calidad de los productos.
  • Detectar las necesidades de nuestros clientes y traducirlas en estrategias que permitan generar rentabilidad en el negocio a través de soluciones tangibles y efectivas.

Habilidades requeridas:

  • Liderazgo: gerencia de equipos, comunicación efectiva, toma de decisiones, proactividad.
  • Auditoría de procesos: manejo de indicadores, estrategia empresarial, excelencia operacional y mejora continua.
  • Gerencia de proyectos industriales: desarrollo de planes de inversión, implementación tecnológica y operacional para plantas procesadoras de cereales
  • Manejo de Microsoft Office (Excel avanzado) y Autocad
  • Pensamiento analítico, estratégico y conceptual orientado tanto al detalle como a resultados.
  • Inglés avanzado, C1.
  • Gran conocimiento de una variedad de operaciones de unidades de proceso. Algunos ejemplos incluyen manejo del grano, limpieza y molienda de maíz, transporte de productos, sistemas de control de polvo, empaque y / o carga de recipientes a granel, sistemas de automatización y almacenamiento.

Educación y Experiencia requerida:
Licenciatura en los campos de Ingeniería, Ciencias de la Molienda, Fabricación de Producción, Tecnología, Procesamiento de Alimentos u otro campo relacionado.
Experiencia mínima de 3 años en sistemas productivos de plantas de molino de maíz.

Otros datos:
Proyecto estable con posibilidades de crecimiento profesional a largo plazo dentro de la compañía.

Si encajas con el perfil o conoces a alguien que lo haga, envíanos el CV a: rrhh@livenagro.com.


Liven Agro S.A. It is the European leader in the production of corn for the food industry. We are specialized in all types of corn for the different branches of human consumption. Processing of the grain in its different basic products, corn grits, flours. Monitoring of the cultivation in the field, collection, storage, selection, cleaning and packaging according to the needs of the clients. From Liven Agro S.A. We are committed to the talent that wants to take on the challenge of helping us fulfill stimulating projects that require research and development for agricultural innovation.

Offer description
Reporting to management, the selected person must: Direct the production system of our mill, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction of the demand for our products in terms of volume, quality and timeliness. It will do so through engineering principles applied to design, process optimization and problem solving as well as to the evaluation and implementation of new technologies.

Essential job functions:
Manage the quality, formulation and monitoring of budgets, safety and industrial hygiene policies.
Compare available internal and external technologies and drive improvements in relation to existing ones.
Propose improvements in the design of equipment and suppliers.
Standardize operations and methodologies.
Help solve technical problems applicable in the plant.
Establish goals and lead the fulfillment of the production plan in terms of productivity, quality and costs.
Work collaboratively with other departments in implementing innovative approaches to plant operation and maintenance.
Ensure the proper functioning of the machines and / or equipment by detecting and coordinating maintenance needs through technical assistance, fault reporting and participation in preventive and corrective maintenance.
Periodically analyze the different processes in order to identify sources of savings that make the operation profitable, controlling production, labor, consumption and quality standards, according to the established parameters, thus maintaining the quality of the products.
Detect the needs of our clients and translate them into strategies that allow generating profitability in the business through tangible and effective solutions.

Required skills:
Leadership: team management, effective communication, decision making, proactivity.
Process audit: management of indicators, business strategy, operational excellence and continuous improvement.
Management of industrial projects: development of investment plans, technological and operational implementation for cereal processing plants
Management of Microsoft Office (advanced Excel) and Autocad
Analytical, strategic and conceptual thinking oriented to both detail and results.
Advanced English, C1.
Great knowledge of a variety of process unit operations. Some examples include grain handling, corn cleaning and milling, product transportation, dust control systems, packing and / or loading of bulk containers, automation and storage systems.

Education and Experience required:
Bachelor’s degree in the fields of Engineering, Milling Science, Production Manufacturing, Technology, Food Processing or other related field.
Minimum experience of 3 years in production systems of corn mill plants.

Other data:
Stable project with possibilities for long-term professional growth within the Company

Send your CV to: rrhh@livenagro.com

Posted December 29, 2020

Opportunities in the Middle East and Africa

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Opportunities in Asia

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