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Company: Hopkinsville Milling Company

Situation: Corn mill in western Kentucky. Mill is primarily for retail trade. Most product packed into bags, from 1# to 50# sizes. Also pack wheat flour for retail and food service trade. Family-owned company with about 30 employees.

Reports to President. Responsible for all aspects of operations, including milling, maintenance, sanitation, packing and warehousing. Production planning skills are important. Responsible for hiring and supervising all employees in these areas. Will have input in purchasing and transportation. Responsible for purchasing some mill supplies.

Compensation: $90-100,000 depending on qualifications. Vacation, 401(k), sick leave, single health insurance included. Hopkinsville Milling pays for IAOM membership and expects Plant Manager to be active in organization. Also wants Plant Manager to participate in appropriate organizations in Hopkinsville.

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Posted 7/17/2020

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