I grew up in the middle of a Kansas wheat field working on my grandparents’ dairy farm. I can’t begin to express the importance of the memories this created as well as the connection to agriculture that naturally became part of who I am.

When I initially went to college at Kansas State University, I thought I wanted to be an engineer; however, I started to lose my connection to agriculture and felt the need to find something that would bring me back to my roots. I fortunately discovered the Milling Science and Management Program, it was perfect!

I could pursue my interests related to engineering and be focused in a career that was intimately tied to agriculture and feeding people. After graduating and joining the milling industry, I never looked back. The family-like culture and honor of making a nutritious food ingredient that feeds millions of people every year has been an extremely rewarding career. I have made so many lasting relationships over the past 25 years in the industry; I can’t imagine doing anything different. I’m truly blessed!!

– Troy Anderson, 25 years in the milling industry