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Blogs posted on are submitted by people in the industry. Some blog posts are by students who have completed internships, others are created by industry veterans about their day-to-day experiences, and other posts include information that would be helpful to those considering a career in grain milling.

From Engineering to Milling

I declared mechanical engineering as my major when I enrolled at Kansas State University. I thought at the time, that engineering was right for me because I enjoyed math and had a keen interest in the mechanical aspect of how things work. Then, after the first couple of years in mechanical engineering, I started to question [...]

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Be an Industry-wide Expert

Become an End-to-End Expert on an Entire Industry I never thought about flour milling as a career choice. I had never really even thought about how flour was made. When I applied for my first job in milling, it was kind of a shot in the dark after having worked in other food manufacturing industries. [...]

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A Lucrative and Growing Industry

When I was at Auburn University studying public relations and marketing I never imagined myself working in the milling industry after college. For me, flour and grain was something I consumed daily (probably far too often), and I didn’t think twice about the procurement and manufacturing of the flour and grains I ate. But fast [...]

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Making Connections

I grew up in the middle of a Kansas wheat field working on my grandparents’ dairy farm. I can’t begin to express the importance of the memories this created as well as the connection to agriculture that naturally became part of who I am. When I initially went to college at Kansas State University, I [...]

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Want a career that will take care of you and your family????

This is an exciting time in our industry for anyone seeking a secure, rewarding, money-making career. My industry has a serious shortage of valuable, talented trainees who can almost write their own tickets for advancement! This wholesome industry is also loaded with senior talent that will be more than happy to mentor the right dedicated [...]

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Wide Variety of Career Opportunities

The milling industry has an abundance of opportunities and career paths. I became interested in milling in high school as one of my teachers was adamant about the opportunities that were present after completing the Milling Science & Management program at Kansas State University. During my time at KSU I was given the opportunity to [...]

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The Importance of Internships

Throughout my college career, I have always maintained a balance between working part-time and studying as a full-time student. I’ve found that attending lectures and laboratories in order to learn the ins and outs of a field is crucial. However, I think that my experience with the internship program through the Department of Grain Science [...]

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