This is an exciting time in our industry for anyone seeking a secure, rewarding, money-making career. My industry has a serious shortage of valuable, talented trainees who can almost write their own tickets for advancement! This wholesome industry is also loaded with senior talent that will be more than happy to mentor the right dedicated new hires and help them with their advancement objectives.

We have reached a point in the United States where a college education is a recipe for six-figure debt, which weights down the new job entrant for many years following graduation. These are the same years that most of these fine people are trying to start a family and purchase a home. There is another alternative! You can reach out and contact our industry professionals through the International Association of Operative Millers and they will gladly get you started on your path of a fulfilling career, avoiding the mountain of debt as you build your dreams of a rewarding work life that will finance your rewarding personal life!

As a Kansas native, I know that “Yellow Brick Roads” like this don’t come along very often! Check it out.

– Mike Dooley, 37 years in the industry
Positions held: management trainee, milling superintendent,
plant engineer, plant manager