I would not have considered applying and interviewing for an internship with ConAgra Mills, if it had not been for a good friend of mine who had been hired right out of college, talking to me one occasion about the company and urging me to seriously consider their internship program.  I was a little bit hesitant about applying/interviewing for an internship in the flour milling industry because I did not know a single thing about it. With a little urging from my friend, I decided to take the chance and apply.  It was not to long after I had applied that ConAgra Mills sent a small recruiting team to The University of Tennessee for a college fair. I visited the booth interested in the internship opportunity and was able to receive an interview the following day.

That interview ultimately landed me an internship with ConAgra Mills for the summer of 2014. It was determined that I would intern in Alton, Illinois, as an Operations Intern. During my time as an intern I was privileged to witness the merging of two great companies, ConAgra Mills and Horizon Milling, to become Ardent Mills. In my remaining time as an intern for Ardent Mills I was able to see quite clearly that Ardent was an exciting company with a great future.

As I left for my final semester of school after finishing my internship I knew that Ardent Mills would be a company that I would definitely consider when looking for a job that fall. It was not long before a representative for Ardent Mills contacted me with a job offer that I ultimately accepted. I am very pleased with my decision in accepting the offer and I truly realize that I would not be in this position now if I would not have taken this internship. When people ask how I got to where I am, I tell that my internship played a vital role. Whether an internship is one you like or dislike, it helps to lead you in a direction that is the best for you and that is why I think that an internship is such an invaluable experience for students.

– Adam Boucher, Ops Development Associate, Ardent Mills